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"Here are some comments we have recieved."

This page is dedicated to the fans,"thanks for all the support!"
"fuck yeah your songs are fucking hot, and you have some great vocals on the song 91101"-Reviewer:Gore


sick ass sound.... yall should come play in the valley....Reviewer:Katrina

Evil hails Demonio stay fuckin metal -HAIL SATAN-

That was a hell of a set last night!! See ya guys around. 91101 is a great fucking song!! " were out for blood"-Whore of babylon

great show last night guys! you fucking jammed! keep me posted on upcoming gigs!Reviewer:Jennifer

First off, let me say that you guys kick ass.Someone gave me a cd with two songs of yours on it. I was blown away. Your website address was written on the cd, which led me here. Let me know when you post more tour dates and I will definitely go and see the show. Reviewer: Crash

Heard you guys in victoria ya'll kick-ass. My kids and I like #6 on your cd but they all kick-ass keep on Jamming pease!!!! Reviewer: Mario Perez

Demonio kicks major ass keep playing those killer chops, you guys have shown that heavy metal is not dead its just hidden. Reviewer: Michael Lujan

You guys are awesome! I never listened to metal music before but as long as there is Demonio I will. Reviewer: Rosie

I think that you guys fuckin rock. When I saw you guys playing for the 1st time, all I could think of was, DAMN THESE GUYS ARE FUCKIN BAD ASS. I guess you guys get that all the time. Buts its true. Keep on Rockin. Reviewer: Adriana

Keep jammin brothers! We dig the site. Reviewer: Wayne (Sub Masters)

I stopped in on one of your shows at The Black Cat Lounge. I really enjoyed your show. I think it's great to see an all Hispanic Band representing and contributing to the Metal Music scene. I would like to compliment the guitar player with the long beautiful black hair. LOOKIN' GOOD !!!! Reviewer: Vickie

You guys are aswome, I love the site to :o) Reviewer: Lexi

I think that you guys are great and rock hard. THE BACKROOM performance was awesome, and they would be crazy to not have you back again. Well I look foward to seeing you guys rock out AGAIN at THE BACKROOM. Reviewer: Adriana

Hey guys what's up. Just wanted to comment on this past saturdays show. It kicked ass! Good ass performance! DEMONIO KIKX ASS !! -Denise